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No setup needed, and does not require to stay on the system to keep the changes. Nv GPU Tweak Tool has all its required files, including the help documentation, embedded in itself. Works on any system, from Microsoft Windows® 2000 and newer, under both 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows.

Change Nvidia PowerMizer Behavior

PowerMizer is an Nvidia technology included in most Nvidia graphic cards, which allows the video card to adjust its speed to reduce power consumption and heat when not in use. However, this technology reduces the video card performance to a level which might affect some users experience with their system.

Nv GPU Tweak Tool allows you to enable or disable Nvidia's PowerMizer technology based on the system power status to promote performance when needed.
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View Windows Experience Index Benchmark Details

See the details of Microsoft Windows Experience Index Benchmark, this includes all benchmark results and score for every category and subcategory, such as DirectX 9 and DirectX 10 score. View Demo.


Nv GPU Pro is not only for system with a single graphic card, but also support desktop's and laptop's with multiple (up to two) GPU's. Tweaks are treated independently for each GPU.
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More Features

Allow GPU clock to change based on its temperature

To ensure that the video card does not overheat and shut-down while you are using your computer because you are overclocking at extreme levels, or if your GPU throttles, you can set this option to disable GPU down clock. If you are using this option, it is recommended that you monitor your system temperature very carefully, as you can damage your graphic card or system permanently.

Allow GPU core clock to slowdown

When a request to slow down the GPU is performed by the graphic card drivers, the GPU core clock can decide to slow down or not.

Allow GPU memory clock to slowdown

When disabled, whenever a request to slow down the GPU is performed by the graphic card drivers, the GPU memory clock won't be affected.

Allow brightness control

Enable or disable the graphic card to control the screen brightness of the LCD screen. This is for supported displays such as displays used in laptops.

Allow AGP sideband addressing

Data transfer system that allows the video card to send and receive information simultaneously, by using an additional bus for addresses and commands to the GPU. Once enabled it increases the performance of the video card. However, it may decrease system stability.