Nv GPU Tweak Tool


Nv GPU Tweak Tool is a freeware driver tweak tool for Nvidia GeForce and Nvidia Quadro graphic card. It allows you to change several video card settings that are not normally available, such as enable or disable GPU clock slowdown based on temperature, enable AGP sideband addressing, change the Nvidia PowerMizer technology behavior, and more. The program scans the system and detect your graphic card as well as driver configurations. From there, it sets the program layout accordingly to disable unsupported option to avoid any potential changes that could harm the system. However, the software gives you the ability to override (turn on or off) some of the disabled settings that are judged to be safe, for you to be able to change them.

No installation is required. This driver tweak tool is a one file package executable application. In other words, just run the tool and everything that the tool needs including the help documentation, is in itself which gets temporarily extracted in the system temporary directory. To keep things clean on your system, Nv GPU Pro has an auto-cleanup system put in place to prevent any mess and left over files. This software does not need to run when Windows starts, all changes are applied to the installed Nvidia driver configurations directly, and does not perform any hacks or modify any system drivers.

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