Auto GPU Boost

No matter your Nvidia graphic card model, old or new, Nv GPU Pro can boost perform a temporary overclock automatically when needed the most in your gaming session, if the graphic card is cool enougth. This features can be also be used with your favorite overclock software.


Nv GPU Pro has been designed to work on the background and maintain itself and your system, and be non-intrusive.

Additional OC software support

Want to overclock another part of your computer such as your CPU? Nv GPU Pro allows you to connect an additional overclock software to specified profiles.


Safer than traditional overclock software, this overclock software monitors continuously your graphic card temperatures and can throttle it in the case it overheat, protecting it from crashing your computer or game.

Smart Switch

For when the system is plugged-in, Nv GPU Pro can clock at normal speeds under specific situation such as when a demanding task for the graphic card is performed.


At first run, Nv GPU Pro scans the type of system you have (laptop or desktop) and configures itself automatically for the best settings for the system.

Laptops and Desktops

Nv GPU Pro has been designed for both laptop and desktop computers powered by Nvidia's GeForce™ and Quadro™ graphic solution to help reduce system heat, power consumption, increasing battery life on mobile devices.

Support for alternate OC software

Do you prefer to use your own graphic card overlcock software? Nv GPU Pro can communicate with it for you, instead of using the built-in one.

Windows Vista, 7, and 8.x ready

Ready for modern systems, Nv GPU Pro has been specially designed for system running Microsoft Windows™ Vista, 7 and is Windows 8.x; ready.


Performance when needed

Control automatically your graphic card performance based on what is running on the computer with the help of a community supported games and application database and customizable profiles.

Custom overclock software

Configure Nv GPU Pro to use a different overclock software of your choice, with a variety of communication options.

Games & Apps catalog

Thanks to its own community supported games and applications database, Nv GPU Pro is quick and easy to get started and use.


Have a software that you do not want to share with others? No problem. Nv GPU Pro allows you to add a games or application entry as private, so that it won't be submitted to others.

Overclock when needed

No longer need to permanently overclock your graphic card for increase performance on some needed games. With the ability to create and edit graphic card profiles, you can set specific games to set your graphic card to overclock, while not on others.

Change power plan automatically

Nv GPU Pro can change your Windows power plan based on loaded graphic card profile or power state.


Reduce power consumption

By forcing the GPU at low speed when on idle, or not applying an overclock profile all the time, Nv GPU Pro helps to reduce further the power consumption of the computer, helping reduce power bill and help increase battery life of laptops.

Reduce system heat

By reducing the performance of the graphic card, it reduces its heat output, which results in a quieter computer.

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