Nv GPU Pro is a non-intrusive graphic card performance management and overclock software, designed for Nvidia GeForce and Quadro graphic cards. The software controls the graphic card performance based on your system configuration and what you are running to give you performance when needed.

The problem with current power management feature built-in GeForce's and Quadro's is that its performance is controlled based on work load, and using a guessing type algorithm. It cannot know what you are doing with the system. Sometimes, moving a window can be enough to make the graphic card think that a graphical intensive program is running and goes at full performance. This reduces laptop battery life, and increase system heat for both desktop and laptops. Nv GPU Pro solves this problem by analyzing your system configuration, using a community supported catalog of games and applications, and uses customizable graphic card performance profiles. The software is filled with options in a professional and easy to use layout.

Moreover, Nv GPU Pro allows you to easily give you the power to overclock your Nvidia's graphic card for certain software of your choice. It is so powerful, that you can setup a different overclock profile for every single of your games and programs with great ease.


Reduce System Noise & Green

By forcing the graphic card to a low power state when performance is not needed, (navigate Windows desktop, listening to music, watching videos, etc.), it reduces the system heat and noise making the computer more enjoyable to use, and help reduce power consumption.

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Auto GPU Boost

Need a bit of extra performance when gaming to help continue to have a smooth experience? No matter your Nvidia graphic card model, old or new, Nv GPU Pro can boost perform a temporary overclock when needed the most. This features can be also be used with your favorite overclock software.

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By monitoring the system power state, configuration and graphic card temperature, Nv GPU Pro can control better the graphic card and take appropriate actions to maximize power efficiency, cooling and performance.

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Nv GPU Pro monitors the graphic card temperature continuously to prevent overheating. It is smart and knows when the graphic card needs cooling period after a long game session before forcing the fan speed to a low speed, if it is specified to do so. During overheating of the graphic card, Nv GPU Pro will temporarily throttles the graphic card to prevent system crash or game crash, and once the graphic card has cool enougth, it restore the graphic card to the normal defined state.

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Customizable & Flexible

Nv GPU Pro is filled with options, including the ability to use your own overclock software instead of the built-in one, have Nv GPU Pro communicate with another software such as a CPU overclocking software additionally as it switches graphic card profiles, change Windows power plan based power state or graphic card profile and more.

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Non-intrusive & Easy-to-use

Designed to run in the background without user interaction once set up. Nv GPU Pro is non-intrusive, and easy to use. Nv GPU Pro is constituted of two main components: the monitor, which is designed to run in the background and control the graphic card performance, and the management panel component that allows you to add games and applications entries, create and modify graphic card performance profiles.

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